Illuminating the path to wellbeing

The Elmfield Institute supports the wellbeing of individuals, businesses and communities through education, consulting and events.

Leading through thought and feeling.

The Elmfield Institute is a diverse group of intuitive and compassionate business leaders and educators who share the common goal of affecting change and policy by encouraging and facilitating collective experiences and deeper understanding toward a greater purpose.

Through our varied knowledge, consciously-driven life experience and proven record of impact, we support individuals, businesses and communities by embracing shifts that lead to seeing beyond the ordinary and illuminating a path to wellbeing.

We lead collaboratively through thought, feeling and an intuitive wisdom to deliver shared knowledge, education, training and consulting based on the foundational principles of depth psychology, trauma-informed neurobiology and creative business practices.

Learning is a shared experience. Consulting is a sacred act. Together, we are illuminating the path to wellbeing.




Your journey is unique.

We don’t have the answers. You do. There is not one solution–there is your solution.

The Elmfield Institute listens and supports you to engage more deeply, relate more authentically, and embrace the realities which form your uniqueness.

As we journey closer to Source, what we learn from working together will strengthen us all.

Together, we are illuminating
the path to wellbeing.

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On being in the wilderness

Looking back at the past 20 years or so of my professional life, I can see a discernable pattern. Generally, long stretches of work and productivity are followed by prolonged stretches of no work and lack of productivity, at least in the conventional sense of the word. (There’s also the school of thought that the only patterns in life are ones that you make up yourself to fit a self-narrative. But for argument’s sake, let’s just say I see a pattern.) This all began after I finished graduate school and started looking for work in the field of international relations.

Uncovering What it Means to Be a Well Society Series (Full Series)

There are multiple definitions of and approaches to what it means to be well. As the world continues to confront Covid-19, this online summit uses the power of story to explore some of the most significant issues of our time. By sharing, listening, and connecting, we can derive lessons which may help us to navigate these unprecedented times and ultimately illuminate a path to wellbeing for communities and individuals.

The Power of Story: Listening in Law and Order

Join us for an important dialogue as we discuss Listening in Law and Order. We will be hearing from an esteemed panel who will share their personal stories and experiences with listening in law & order. This event is part of a series of seven called The Power of Story: Uncovering What it Means to Be a Well Society.

Our Partners Can Help Your Business Transform

The Elmfield Institute focuses on illuminating the path to wellbeing for individuals, but we often work in collaboration with partners who focus on carrying similar transformative work through to businesses and organizations. Please visit re_Source for more information

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