Immersion is an opportunity for shared wellbeing.

We are working to effect change in our communities.

The Elmfield Institute is working to effect change in our communities by providing access to opportunities and collective creative experiences that invite transformation, awareness and deeper understanding on the path to wellbeing as we journey toward a return to Source.

Community Organizing



Performance Art


Writing as a harbinger of wellness

From a young age, writing has bridged my relationship between myself and the world around me. I cannot remember exactly when I decided to become a journalist. I would say it was in my teens when the fire of puberty erupted within and spurred my wish for change, for impact, for influence as part of my entangled expression in and with the planet. Writing was a harbinger of wellness in that it funnelled somewhat confused meanderings onto a page…

Social isolation affects us all

Social isolation affects us all, albeit in different ways. Dobzhansky (1962) said that “the fittest may also be the gentlest, because survival often requires mutual help and co-operation.” This speaks to how we can support ourselves through our relationships with others, even if this has to be online or by phone.

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